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General info
General info
S.Banzragch: Foreword 1-5
Daily programme of events 6-14
List of participants 15-19
N.Fox: Introduction to the International Programme on the Saker Falcon 20-24
O.Shagdarsuren, D. Sumya, E. Potapov, S. Gombobaatar: The Saker in Mongolia: numbers and distribution 25-33
V.Galushin, V.Moseikin and N.Sanin: Saker Falcon population in European Russia. 34-45
A.Kuchin and N.Zumabina: Saker Falcon in Altay and adjoining plains. 44-45
V.Vetrov. Saker Falcon in Ukraine 55-57
V.Ryabtsev: Saker Falcon in Baikal region. 58-63
A.Levin: The Saker Falcon in Kazakhstan 64-79
Xiaodi Ye, Ziming Wan, Yanxia Bai: The Saker Falcon in China is fighting for survival. 80-94
E.Shukurov and A. Davletbakov: Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) in Kyrgistan 95-100
E.Kreuzberg-Mukhina, B.Abdunazarov, E.Lanovenko and M.Atadjanov: Large falcons and problems of their protection in Uzbekistan. 101-109
A.Bragin: Recent status and studies of the Saker Falcon in the Northern Kazakhstan 110-115
S.Gombobaatar1, D.Sumiya,10.Shagdarsuren1 E.Potapov2, N.Fox2 : Diet studies ofSaker Falcon (Falco cherrug) in Mongolia 116-127
V.Moseikin, A.Belyanin: Management of numbers of Saker Falcons via trophic chains 128-131
E.R.Potapov N.C.Fox, D.Sumya, S.Gombobaatar, O.Shagdarsuren: Nest site selection in Mongolian Sakers 132-137
D.Sumiya, S. Gombobaatar, O.Shagdarsuren, E.Potapov, N.Fox: Wintering of the Saker Falcon in Mongolia 138-143


E.Potapov, N.Fox, D.Sumya, S.Gombobaatar and O.Shagdarsuren: Home ranges and habitat use of breeding Saker Falcons (Falco cherrug) in Mongolia. 144-154
A.Bold, Sh.Boldbataar: Range, seasonal distribution, peak and decline of the Saker Falcon in Mongolia. 155-159
V.Moseikin: Altay Falcon: myth or reality? 160-163
Ya. I. Kokorev: Distribution and numbers of Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) in the Pyasina River basin and the dynamics of population numbers in the Taymir Peninsula 164-170
A.Bragin: Diet and breeding rate of Saker Falcons in the Naurzum State Nature Reserve, Kazakhstan 171-177
N.Barton,The MEFRG PIT Scheme and Database 178-184
T.Bailey, F.Launay and T.Sullivan: Health Issues of the International Trade of Falcons and Bustards in the Middle East: the Need for Regional Monitoring and Regulation?185-195
Wan Ziming: Conservation and management of Saker Falcon in China. 196-201
Kh.Badam: CITES and Sustainable Use of Saker Falcon in Mongolia 202-208
N.Turganbaev: On the status and problems of conservation of Saker Falcon in Kyrgistan. 209-211
N.Fox: Future trends, captive breeding, trade controls or market forces? 212-214
Brig.M.Ahmed: Efforts for the conservation of Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) in Pakistan 215-218
T.Bailey: Medical Considerations of the Rehabilitation of Illegally traded Houbara Bustards (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) in the Middle East 219-225
T.Bailey, Ch.Silvanose, O.Combreau, M.Lawrence and F.Launay: Protocols for Health Investigations in Free-living Houbara Bustards 226-235
Contents 236-238