• About the Bevis Centre

The Bevis Centre or country school is a work in progress. It is a place to come and learn about the countryside at a time when agriculture is again struggling and many of the country crafts and activities are being lost. The future is in learning how to live alongside wildlife and to manage habitats sustainably through a number of activities that are sympathetic to the environment. Nowadays many people want to renew connections with nature and are bewildered on how to approach it. There are many idealists, people who want to ‘live the dream’, ecowarriors, bushcrafters, survivalists and people who just want to escape from the rat race for a little while. But these things, which at first glance may seem so simple, are actually deep wells of cultural heritage. They look easy – until you try them! We are trying to fill the yawning gap between idealism and practicality.

The Bevis Centre