• Information and Education

IWC is working with education at many levels. We have an Intern Scheme offering a limited number of places each year either to the breeding facility in Wales, or to some of our projects in other parts of the world. Some of these students do post-graduate studies. We have also produced a series of ten films on Bird of Prey Management which is very popular around the world. As well as organising conferences and meetings, we are developing a Schools Links programme for school children in UAE, UK, USA and Mongolia with internet correspondence and structured lessons on birds of prey and falconry.

المستشارون العالميون للحياة البرية IWC في التعليم على مختلف الأصعدة. فلدينا نظام لاستضافة المتدربين يقدم عددا محددا من الفرص التعليمية كل عام سواء في منشأة الإكثار في ويلز أو في بعض مشاريعنا الأخرى في دول أخرى، ويتابع بعض أولئك الطلاب دراساتهم العليا. قمنا أيضا بإنتاج سلسلة من 10 أفلام عن إدارة الطيور الجارحة لاقت نجاحا حول العالم. إضافة إلى تنظيم المؤتمرات والاجتماعات فإننا نقوم بتطوير برنامج "الروابط المدرسية" لطلاب المدارس في الإمارات العربية المتحدة والمملكة المتحدة والولايات المتحدة ومنغوليا باستخدام المراسلة عبر الإنترنت ودروس تتمحور على مواضيع الطيور الصيادة والصقارة

Artificial Nest Project School Links Programme 

The School Links Programme provides one way for local Mongolian communities to benefit from the Artificial Nest Project, through providing education resources and links with schools outside Mongolia

 The programme has four main aims

 For schools in 20 districts of Mongolia to benefit from the Artificial Nest Project via funding raised by partner schools in other countries

For children from Mongolia, Abu Dhabi(UAE) and United Kingdom(other countries) to exchange knowledge, culture and language using a falcon conservation project as a means of introduction

 To learn about the Mongolian artificial nest project and its benefits for conservation

 To learn about falconry

Educational resources have been prepared on the following topics

· Falcons and Falconry

· Falconry in Mongolia

· Falconry in the United Arab Emirates

· Falcon Conservation

· Mongolian Artificial Nest Project

Resources consist of example lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, notes for teachers and student worksheets. The content is aimed at 9-14 yr old students; however, they can be modified to suit appropriate ability and delivery of the lesson, to an individual, group or whole class. All resources will be available in Mongolian, Arabic and English in the future and available online at HTTP://WWW.MEFRG.ORG/


We provide a constant stream of articles and scientific papers in English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Mongolian and Chinese, some of which can be found on this website under the various programmes.

Books by staff include:

The Modern Falconer: Training, Hawking and Breeding. 1994. Diana Durman-Walters. A comprehensive falconry book.175pp.

Understanding the Bird of Prey, 1995. Dr Nick Fox. A detailed manual on all aspects of raptor management, in English and Spanish. 375pp.

Middle East Falcon Research Group: Proceedings of the Specialist Workshop, Abu Dhabi, 1995. Dr Nick Fox (Ed). 222pp. A collection of papers from this first conference of the MEFRG, primarily on Sakers.

Welfare Aspects of Killing or Capturing Wild Vertebrates in Britain, 1996. Dr Nick Fox. Report for UK Hawk Board. Second Edition.

ERWDA Handbook of Falcon Protocols, 1997. Dr Nick Fox, Chris Eastham and Helen Macdonald. In English and Russian. 54pp. A Handbook specifically for field-workers to standardise their protocols and datasets.

A Global Strategy for the Conservation of Falcons and Houbara, 2000. Dr Nick Fox, H.E. Mohamed Al Bowardi, Helen Macdonald and Dr Frederick Launay. In English and Arabic, tackling hunting issues in Asia. 37pp

Saker Falcon in Mongolia: Research and Conservation. 2001. E. Potapov and N.C. Fox (Eds). Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Saker Falcon and Houbara Bustard, the Middle East Falcon Research Group. 240pp. In English, Mongolian and Russian.

Welfare Aspects of Shooting Foxes. 2003. 48pp and film for the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group. Dr Nicholas Fox BSc, CEd, PhD, Sonja Rivers BVetMed, MSc, DACVP, MRCVS, Nicola Blay BSc, MSc, Andrew G. Greenwood MA, VetMB, FIBiol, DipECAMS, FRCVS, and Dr Douglas Wise, MA, VetMB, PhD ,MRCVS.

Falcons and Foxes in the UK. 2003. Lee Chichester. 284 pp. http://www.xlibris.com/ Actually written by an intern, it documents her stay with us in 1995, a life-changing experience.

Classical Falconry. 2004. Dr Nick Fox. A practical and historical manual on classical falconry techniques. 250pp Hancock House.

"The Gyrfalcon". by E. Potapov and R. Sale . Poyser.

Falconry: Celebrating our Living Heritage.  2010. Javier Ceballos. Produced by IWC. Motivate Publishing.

Since the year 2005 a series of reviews on new books on falconry and the birds of prey printed across the globe but mainly in English is published in Russian with English summaries in the annual issues "Birds of Prey and Owls in zoos and breeding stations”, produced by Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquaria published by Moscow Zoo. All last numbers of these collections of papers beginning since Nr.11 (2003) (since Nr.19 cover and all the rest part are uploaded by different files) are available at: http://earaza.ru/?p=827