• How to Apply

To apply for an internship we need at a minimum, the following information:
1. Complete CV, don't forget to include your date of birth, country of citizenship, sex, marital status.

2. Current photo.

3. Names of two referees with their telephones and email addresses.

4. Aspects of other interest, such as hobbies and sports activities, countries you have visited, languages that you speak, and anything else that you may not think are relevant but which to us may be quite significant.

5. Proposed dates.

6. What benefit the internship would be to you, and to us.

7. Whether you can attend for interview. We do accept interns without an interview, but clearly it is easier for everyone if we can meet you beforehand. If you are overseas we normally expect to interview you via Skype.

Download an application form

Obviously if you have your own funding there is a lot more chance of you obtaining a place than if you are expecting us to sponsor you. 

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