• Saker Falcons hatch

Some days ago, one after the other, the first four Saker Falcons of 2013 hatched in the aviaries of the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans. As the species is extinct from Bulgaria, the hatching of the fluffy chicks is a genuine success and hope for the return of the species in the country.

This is not the first offspring of the Saker pair, despite being the most numerous until now. Last year the pair hatched one chick named Gogo, due to its birthday - May 6th. The "Saker Reintroduction to Bulgariaā€¯ project is a part of the research and conservation programme of the Abu Dhabi Environment Agency and is implemented by the Institute of Biodiversity and Environment Research - BAS, Green Balkans and the International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd and is also supported by Spatia Wildlife..


More information with video-clip at: http://www.greenbalkans-wrbc.org/show.php?language=en_EN&id=730&cat_id=35