• IWC Falcons Star In Groundbreaking BBC Documentary

Inside the Perfect Predator delivers amazing facts, incredible images and unique insight into the remarkable events that take place inside a predator at the critical moment of attack. The BBC have taken four ultimate predators - the cheetah, great white shark, crocodile and the falcon - and attempt to understand how they accomplish their extraordinary killing feats. To find out, each hunt is revealed in incredible and intimate detail, travelling inside each predator’s body to find out how they achieve the impossible. Why does the great white shark go blind at the moment of attack? As it stalks its prey, the crocodile’s heart all but stops - what keeps it alive? And as a falcon dives, the air should burst its lungs, so how does it survive?

The peregrine falcon footage features a number of blue screen sequences that were filmed at our breeding facility. Without giving too much away a famous London landmark was recreated in one of our aviaries for a 2-month period last year. The presence of Senior Aviculturalist Martyn Paterson during filming ensured the welfare of the birds was top priority. The BBC film crew included top wildlife cameraman Mark Payne-Gill. "Inside the Perfect Predator” screens on Thursday 25th March at 9pm on BBC One.

IWC also operates a small high definition film unit, most recently producing a short film submitted in support of an application to have Falconry recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO

For IWC filming or stock footage enquiries please contact sandy@falcons.co.uk