• IWC and WSCC staff visited the six Mongolian schools
IWC and WSCC staff visited the six Mongolian schools joining the artificial nest project school links programme this academic year. The schools will link with schools in Abu Dhabi, UK and Italy. There are now 22 schools in the link programme which aims to join 20 Mongolian schools with 20 international schools using the artificial nest project as a means of introduction.

IWC staff attended the GIS teacher training days held in Al Mirfa School, UAE, which was organised and planned by Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC).

The objective of the GIS at schools project is to enable students to effectively use 21st century digital learning tools to collect, store, retrieve, manipulate, analyse and display geographical information. Data from the artificial nest project has been used to create a unit of inquiry that will be taught in science lessons this year.

Mongollians schoolchildren - participants of the Project
Students at Adaatsag, Mongolia.

Senior science advisors, Esri staff and teachers at Al Mirfa School – GIS training, UAE.