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The Northumberland Crow Falcons DVD 
The Northumberland Crow Falcons DVD

The Northumberland Crow Falcons are the only group to hawk crows from horses in the traditional manner since the days of Old Hawking Club. Join us for a day's hawking. There is no acting in this film, it is a 'fly on the wall' view: you will see incidents as they actually happen. Sometimes the camera is held by a member of the field on horseback and you will get a real feeling of what it is like to join us. Six falcons are flown, including two adult peregrine/sakers, two young ones, and Quicksilver and Spitfire. The flights are spectacular, some disappear into the clouds. You will find the action footage compulsive viewing and want to watch in time and time again!
Running time: 65 mins
Formats: DVD English PAL.
Price: £19.00

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