• International Wildlife Consultants Specialising in Green Solutions
  • Falcon Breeding and Stud Supplying the Royal Families of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain for 23 years
  • Conservation, Research and Welfare IWC (UK) Ltd is committed to a number of conservation research projects
  • Falconry Heritage Working with UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage programme
  • The Bevis Trust Committed to protecting and enhancing wildlife habitats

Welcome to International Wildlife Consultants Ltd.

IWC was incorporated in 2006 from a family-run business dating back to 1983. It is an umbrella company covering a range of activities:

  • IWC undertakes short and long-term consultancies with international clients on conservation, animal welfare, legal issues, event management and heritage, mainly focussed on birds of prey.
  • IWC manages five farms in Wales and two in England.
  • IWC organises events such as the International Festival of Falconry.
  • Fox Falcons breeds domestic falcons for racing and hunting in the Middle East.
  • Wingbeat Ltd produces robotic birds for falcon training and pest control. Visit our site www.rofalconry.com
  • The Bevis Trust is a not-for-profit company covering our conservation work in UK. Visit our site www.bevistrust.com
  • Vowley is our new Falcon racing facility in England, devoted to the world class training and racing of falcons.
    Visit our site www.vowley.com

Our Mission Statement

We support the wise and sustainable use of wildlife and habitats. To this end the long-term well-being of habitats and wildlife populations are our first priority, followed by the welfare of individual animals. To achieve these aims we undertake front-line field research, hands-on management of habitats and wildlife, education of biologists, managers, end-users and the public, and consultancies on wildlife law and regulation.

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