Activities at the Bevis Centre

The activities hinge on the village which is in a south facing 0.87 ha field west of Waunlas farm buildings, surrounded by woodland. There is space there for a communal roundhouse (under construction) and places for eight 6 metre yurts. There is also space for a variety of animals and a large vegetable garden. We plan to use it approximately from May to October. The activities are based first on the daily chores of living and maintaining the village and its inhabitants, followed by management activities on the farm, and project work.


Village Life

Meals have to be planned to provide for 20 people for 24 weeks. The village aims ultimately to be self-sustaining although some foods will need to be purchased for cash.

As well as the vegetable garden, there will be chickens, both layers and broodies, ducks, geese, a lambing flock of 70 Wiltshire horn sheep, some milking goats and possibly a milking cow and some beef cattle. There are wild rabbits and fish. There is an orchard of fruit trees, and a variety of fruit bushes, herbs and wild fruits including blackberries and cobnuts. We have several beehives. We have a large walk-in freezer room. Those foods have to be collected, prepared and cooked or stored. Cooking entails the cutting and storing of firewood over a two year cycle, managing the ovens including bread ovens, and cleaning the various containers and utensils. Cleaning and repairing all facilities, clothes, yurts, toilets and showers, tools etc. are regular chores. Just the obtaining and preparation of food, both immediate and long-term, is a major life lesson for most people.

Wiltshire Horn Sheep

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