The Financial Structure

We have been investing in an Endowment Fund ever since the inception of the idea in 2005. This Fund now has positive passive cash flow. The legal framework is in place for this to be donated to the charity on our deaths. Meanwhile, we intend to register and develop the charity in a more modest format to begin with, and let the project develop at its own pace. By this means, although slow and steady, we do not require bank loans or other support and only move forward as the resources become available. If individuals attending the courses wish to apply for grant aid for their visit, this is up to them, but the charity itself will be financially independent. Being a charity does not mean that we are providing a free service for all and sundry; on the contrary we will make commercial rate charges where we can, to bring income into the programme and enable it to expand.


Ultimately, through an endowment, the Bevis Centre will own its own ground of about 250 acres together with a number of houses and facilities there.


  • Farming and related activities on that land should generate food resources and some cash income.
  • Provision of facilities and services will also generate some cash income.
  • Some attendees will come with their own grant or private funding.
  • The Endowment Fund will provide reliable passive income to underwrite salaries for paid staff.


  • Depending on the cash it has to hand, it will be able to offer places to applicants for periods ranging from about one week to about one year. Some of those places may be entirely supported by grants from the Bevis Centre, and some may come with their own funding or pay their own way. Many groups will attend for only limited periods, but some volunteers may stay throughout the whole season and will need funding.
  • The Endowment Fund will also be used to fund the administration and running of the school.
  • Surplus cash may be invested or used to expand the school in some way, on the same site or elsewhere.

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