Here’s what our interns say about working for us…

Following my graduation from university, I was keen to gain more hands-on experience in a biological field. My internship at IWC provided me with exactly that. From carrying out outdoor conservation work with the Bevis Trust, to working up-close with falcons following my exposure to the world of falconry and aviculture, I developed many useful practical and transferable skills.

My understanding of avian biology and matters relating to animal and conservation management has improved significantly, thanks to the knowledgeable and supportive team. Although the work has been hard on occasion, I have found the internship to be a unique and highly rewarding opportunity.

Bleddyn Thomas | 2021 intern

I really enjoyed my time at IWC, the staff were very friendly and approachable, and went out of their way to show you every aspect of breeding and training behind the scenes, allowing you to fully understand the entire breeding season.

Being able to participate in chick feeding, imprinting, training, and hunting in Northumberland were particular highlights, as well as meeting many new people and gaining independent skills in aviculture and falconry.

Amy Wiles | 2019 intern

The whole establishment is a great resource from learning how to rear chicks to the breeding aspects of specific falcons.
Some memorable moments for me would be working with imprints up close, rearing chicks was a lot of fun and the opportunity to expand my knowledge on the health and wellbeing of falcons.

Dr Nick Fox is a mind of knowledge and encourages you to think for yourself although he can be slightly quirky. As well as the learning, you have great opportunities to make new friendships from all around the world. My time at IWC was time well spent and has developed me both as a falconer and a person.

James Dickinson | 2017 intern

Interning at IWC is an experience I would recommend for anyone hoping to work with any type of bird, especially if you have a specific interest in aviculture. The skills and knowledge I gained have been invaluable in the jobs I’ve had since, it is an intense learning curve but the hard work is definitely worth it. If you are wanting to work in an aviculture role there’s very few places you can get the same skill base.

Alice Dickson | 2016 intern

Being an intern at IWC gave me the stepping stone I needed to change my career.

Darren Weeks | 2013 intern


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