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Would you like to be part of an exclusive team of falconers? We have an exciting opportunity for falconers to expand their horizons, work with some of the world’s best falcons and learn about the new sport of rofalconry.


About the Offer:

We need a team of falconers to work with the young gyr falcons selected for our breeding programme. You will man and train them to fly to either Rocrow or Robara under the supervision of our head falconer. You will be living with the falcons in yurts in the Welsh countryside for the months of July and August, dates to be confirmed. Bathroom and kitchen facilities will be available at the farm. You will be paid as an intern, currently £110 per week, enough for your food and essentials.



About You:

You will be an EU citizen with a full driving license. You will have some experience of handling falcons but this will be a learning experience for you as well as the falcons. Do not worry if you are not an expert, more important is commitment and enthusiasm. You should be willing to work outside, live in basic yurt accommodation and be committed to this fun but time intense project. You should be able to commit to the period as there will not be an opportunity to have time away from the programme. We would prefer it if you were a non-smoker.


This is a great opportunity for budding falconers to gain real experience with top quality gyr falcons. If you would like to be considered, please send a short resume of your experience and why you should be considered for the team to drew@falcons.co.uk


We are a small company based in West Wales with 40 years of practical conservation achievements, mainly on birds of prey.We run projects currently UK, Bulgaria, Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. We breed falcons in Wales to offset the demand for wild falcons in the Middle East, and also run an artificial nest programme in Mongolia which this year has produced about 2000 young wild Saker Falcons as well as many other steppe raptors. We work on the genetics and regional genetic diversity of large falcons and have collaborated to analyse the genome of the Peregrine and of the Saker Falcons. We have also worked on welfare aspects of killing or capturing wild vertebrates in UK. We have supported the good management of birds of prey by making a series of management films and by providing internships for young people from many nations. We were instrumental in making the submission to UNESCO so that now Falconry has been inscribed on the List of Mankind's Intangible Cultural Heritage on behalf of 13 countries. We have organised the International Festivals of Falconry in 2007, 2009 and 2011 and 2014 with 77 nations attending. IWC is based on a 278 acre working stock farm and as well as promoting practical wildlife diversity, it is developing the Bevis Centre or country school to give opportunities to people to learn about the countryside.