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Falconer wanted


You will be top of your game. Devoted to raptors and falconry, confident handling, training and flying falcons, good people skills, driving license, passport, not a clock watcher, should be willing to travel abroad by road and air should the need arise and be away from home for extended periods. Must be a flexible thinker and not set in your ways. Good telemetry/GPS skills required. An aptitude for practical work is an asset.


Top falcon breeders, creators and manufacturers of Roprey (see www.rofalconry.com), training spectacular gyrs and hybrids every year, run the Northumberland Crow Falcons. The Job: Training falcons for clients to our roprey models, working with the Northumberland Crow Falcons birds to prepare for the season, flying falcons to roprey at events both at home and abroad (under the direction of our head falconer) The job will also include working on busy falcon breeding unit during the breeding season. (under the direction of our senior aviculturalist) – all aspects from cleaning pens and baths to chick feeding, pen repairs and imprint handling. Salary by negotiation. On farm accommodation may be available. Apply with a CV and covering letter to drew@falcons.co.uk

Applications for Avicultural Internships Open

Each year we take on a number of interns to work and learn in our aviculture department. You will learn about falcon breeding and tasks include chick feeding, pen maintenance & cleaning, food preparation and handling falcons. If you would like to be considered please send CV and a covering letter to drew@falcons.co.uk