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View the hawk board response to the DETR review of bird registration and cites licensing.
25 July 2000

  • Raptor Hybrid Issues

View the full document on,  The use of Exotic and Hybrid Raptors in Falconry.

Introduction to the document
This is a discussion document designed to help us clarify our thoughts on these issues. It arises from submissions made (1996 & 1997) by the UK Hawk Board on the issue of introductions of nonnative species under the Bern Convention, from concern about the DFO’s attitude to the use of hybrids in Germany, and from discussions at the NAFA Board meeting, November 1996 in which NAFA decided to establish an informal international working group to tackle the issue.

This is the first time that falconry has tried tackling an issue on an international, non-allied basis
using the internet as a medium for a discussion group. All participants have had their own pressures of other work, also it has been impossible, because of the large numbers of documents, to properly include those with a fax but no e-mail. The difficulties have also been compounded by having two chairmen and, because of the pressure of completing this document for a deadline of 23 November for the NAFA meet in US and the DETR Wildlife Inspector’s conference in UK, we have at the last minute, decided to keep the two documents separate. They do not overlap unduly and have their own flavours. Interestingly, both documents reach very similar conclusions, and both chairmen are still talking to each other!

  • CITES and International Trade

Read an extract from TRAFFIC Bulletin; “Does Your Falcon have a Passport?”

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