Anatomy DVD


Module 3 Anatomy is written and edited by a panel of raptor specialists from the UK. This is the third part of the Falcon Management series run by the Faraway Film Productions. The film is a complete course on all aspects of raptor raptor anatomy. A knowledge of form and function in raptors is a pre-requisite to understanding aspects of health care, management and training.

An essential study for all levels of experience. Excellent information for veterinary students, zoologists, biologists and rehabilitators. Any raptor course will find it a useful teaching aid. Learn about the respiratory and immune systems, the function of air sacs, how the different body organs function and where they are located. Excellent footage from around the world. Packed with information.

Running time: 67 mins

Format: DVD PAL-English and Spanish. Complete with English booklet.

Region: Global (PAL)

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