Basic Training DVD


This is Module 2 in the Bird of Prey Management Series run by Faraway Film Productions. The film** follows the training of a Saker, a Peregrine and a Harris Hawk, from the point of taking up to flying free for the first time. It covers sources of birds, hacking, fitting of anklets, tail-bells and transmitter mounts, taming, calling to the fist and lure and early flights loose.

The emphasis is on developing safe routines and techniques which form the groundwork for further progress. It is designed for both expert and inexperienced falconers. Most of it was filmed in Northumberland, home of the Northumberland Crow Falcons. The Arab sequences, including stone curlew hawking, were filmed in Abu Dhabi, and a short sequence on training goshawks was filmed in southern China. Several films, which are currently being filmed, lead on from Basic Training. These include Advanced Training and Fitness Training.

Running time: 52 mins

Format: DVD PAL-English and Spanish.

Region: Global (PAL)

Edited by P. Wood-Walker.

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